Would you volunteer for you?

Maybe you are a charity, non-profit or a church organisation….if so, you are likely to have volunteers helping you to achieve your vision.  Carey Nieuwhof recently explored the struggle to find, keep and retain volunteers.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about your volunteers:

  1. Are they happy and motivated in their role?
  2. Do you think they are clear on what’s expected of them?
  3. Are they in the right volunteer role for their skills, knowledge, experience and passions?
  4. Have you got volunteers who help on a number of teams?
  5. Are they expected to be in the role ‘for life’?

Many organisations struggle to find volunteers let alone have the luxury of finding the right role for them once they have them.  Often, we find that anyone who steps forward to help is quickly and eagerly slotted in to a role, without necessarily taking the time to find out more about them and their motivations, so the right role can be found for them.

Happy volunteer = lower turnover

Take the time to thank your volunteers on a regular basis.  You are relying on their goodwill and they will always be grateful, and motivated, if they feel like they are  appreciated.

If your volunteer is in the right role, and they feel appreciated, they will be energised and motivated to do a good job for you…they may even encourage friends to join!

If they know what’s expected of them from the beginning, by having a clear volunteer agreement and role description, this can help to reduce any potential fall outs and positively impact how they work with other volunteers, as everyone’s role has clear accountabilities.

Develop them

It’s worth investing in training for your volunteers – it doesn’t have to be costly either, maybe it’s an experienced volunteer who helps to show them the ropes or it might be worth looking at training from a local provider (or maybe a church member or charity partner) , who may offer you a lower rate.

Burn out

Be conscious of those who regularly volunteer and perhaps help on many different teams, it can be hard to see just how much time they are contributing to your organisation but very easy for them to burn out.

Perhaps suggest they try a particular team for a period of time and review it, so they don’t think that they are expected to stay there indefinitely.

If your volunteers are clear on their role, motivated and passionate about what they do, they are much more likely to enjoy it and not resent it.

Resentment and over-work can very easily lead to burn out.  Not an experience anyone wants to have.

At Cornerstone Resources, we can work with you to find, recruit and motivate your volunteers, as well as ensure the basic paperwork is in place…why not give us a call today to discuss?

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