What is organisational culture?
The culture of the organisation describes what makes the place tick and as such is the very core of the company. Every policy and practice of the organisation needs to be anchored by its culture. For this reason we should spend a lot of time defining it and then ensuring that it is firmly embedded in everything we do. Most importantly it needs to modelled by the leadership of the company. If you fail to do this, it typically results in cynicism. Why should I do this when my boss doesn’t?

When culture does not align with the day to day running of the organisation, people become disillusioned. They fail to believe what they are being told, especially if the leadership don’t model the values and behaviours that they say the organisation should display.
Why does this matter?
Well quite simply, poor culture causes higher turnover, a loss of skills and recruitment costs. Whilst this is damaging, the cost of presenteeism can be higher. This is where employees coast and don’t go the extra mile to deliver excellent service. Where previously engaged employees become disillusioned, they can often drag others down with them. This significantly impacts the delivery of the organisation.