Outsourced HR

Why outsource your HR function?
Sometimes it is better to acknowledge that you aren’t an expert at everything. If you find that you are spending a disproportionate amount of time searching google to find an answer to your HR needs, these blogs will be for you! The fact is, as a small business owner, there are competing issues that all demand your time. That’s why we regularly blog on issues that can help you navigate this tricky area. So if HR Outsourcing is of interest to you, read on!
What do we cover in Outsourced HR?
In the Outsourced HR category, we look at developments in HR Outsourcing. We will discuss the benefits of outsourcing your hr function and any new developments in the HR outsourcing market. We will also let you know what things you might need to consider when choosing a HR partner. There are many different providers out there, some of which offer helpline services as a core offering. If you then want to access specialist skills or have someone on site, you pay extra. Alternatively if you want to access skilled experienced staff all the time, you may be better choosing an HR Consultancy. You may also need to be wary of lengthy contracts, arduous notice periods and auto-renewal clauses. All of which are designed to tie you in to a provider that you might not suit your business.
Why do companies outsource their HR?
In brief, organisations outsource their HR to benefit from the following:

Increased expertise.
Specialist skills
Greater availability of HR time
Systems availability.

HR outsourcing isn’t for everyone but for organisations with no HR it is definitely worth looking into as UK Employment Law is constantly on the move. However HR outsourcing can also cover adding specialist skills to companies who have an HR Manager. The growth in Employment Law as well as developments around Corporate Governance have made HR a difficult topic to get your arms round. So as a sole generalist, or even where you have a small team, you may need help. So whether you are looking to outsource your entire HR function or you want additional skills to augment your team, we can help!