HR Policies

Why do you need HR policies?
Some employment policies are mandatory from the moment you employ your first employee. However they are far more important than just a piece of paper on a shelf. Good employment policies are the bedrock of how you manage your people. They give clear guidance of the parameters that employees are expected to operate within, thus giving them clear direction and freedom to work within those constraints.

Good HR policies also give clear guidance on what to do when things don’t go so well. They give managers and employees alike direction on what to expect if the employee deviates from acceptable practice. This way there are no surprises and all parties will understand the consequences of their actions.

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Why do I need policies?

Why do I need policies? Without policies, it’s impossible for your employees to know where the parameters are in your organisation or what their entitlements are……whether it’s holiday, maternity leave or  absence. Some information can be detailed in the contract but more is needed, especially for more complicated processes like long term sickness absence or …

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